Want your customers to stick around?

Make their lives more rewarding.

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Build a sustainable business

Increase your revenue and decrease your marketing spend.

  • Studies show that increasing your retention rate by 5 percent increases profits by up to 95 percent.

  • Loyal customers are ten times more valuable to you than one-time customers

  • It is five times more expensive to find a new customer than to retain an existing one.

  • 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family over all other forms of advertising.

  • 83% of consumers agree that loyalty programs make them more likely to continue doing business with certain companies.

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Make your audience love you

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Supercharge your website

Seamlessly integrate a customized Reewardio app into your website and online store.

Create a captivating journey

Delight your customers as they win points, collect items, trade with friends, craft prizes, and earn discounts.

Build an engaged community

Grow your community while increasing word of mouth and customer loyalty by enabling peer-to-peer trading.

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Show your users a good time

Provide fun and exciting games that customers can share with their friends and family.

Offer prizes your patrons love

Create blockchain rewards your customers can own forever, trade with friends, and use in blockchain games and apps.

Stay on the cutting edge

Receive automatic updates, upgrades and new features that keep you ahead of the curve.

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Gain a technological advantage

Engage your audience in ways your competitors can't.

"Everyday, we pour all of our energy and ingenuity into Reewardio so you can stay at the forefront of innovation. Today, you can outclass any competitor by launching most advanced loyalty program your customers have ever seen—one that's forever getting better. This is the last rewards solution you'll ever need. That's my personal promise to you."

Simon Kertonegoro

CEO, Reeward.io

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